Concert funds will be donated to the charitable organization «The Home Project», in order to reinforce and enhance its efforts for the creation and operation of accommodation facilities which support, protect and socially integrate unaccompanied children and young refugees in Greece. 


The aim of this organization is to provide and operate homes where all lone children receive a holistic network of services covering food, material, medical provision, social, legal and psychological support and obtain immediate access to education and training.  Its operational model is based on 3 pillars which include the creation of a hostel for unaccompanied refugees, the creation of jobs and the refurbishment of property with a beneficial social purpose in mind. In the first 12 months of its operation, «The Home Project» has managed to create and ensure the sustainability of 10 new shelters in Athens, Greece, offering shelter, support and protection to around 200 kids and has found employment for more than120 of these children. You can find more information about the mission of  «The Home Project» at


Concert revenues will be spent by "The Home Project" for the creation of a "musical chamber", a space with musical instruments where children will play and practice music as well as the payment of music teachers who will provide music lessons to these children. This effort seeks to smoothly integrate children into the community and to fulfill some of their dreams. 





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